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Now is the time for the intelligent web 3.0.

Google+ is out! Pinterest is in! Klout is out! Touch computing is in! Screen culture is the future. I hear about this now and then… Sigh! Sigh! As I imagine being away from the semantic web, Here goes a story.. In an ancient office typewriter, before I dare to think about that more, I’m quite happy to come back to the present.
I decide to stay with the herd and get psyched like every one of us with the developments around them, watching the magic happen with shock where the virtual world embraces the real one.
And let’s find out how it benefits the physical environment:
Web 3.0 is well thought-out statistics that will give information related to the context.
• Studying the sequence, pattern and behavior of inhabitants help the marketing cycle and buying process.
• Perishable goods like food will reach the consumers in a timely manner example Groupon
• The new structured data are intelligent enough to appreciate the environment and can improve Health care industry phenomenally to differentiate the tendency of an epidemic.
• Measurement-It is excellent news, PR practitioners; entrepreneurs love to hear As Google Recently announced new mobile and app-tracking features in Google Analytics.
• There will be right answers for resurgence and the data will find them.
Augmented realityVirtual world gets to your senses. Imagine walking into a street and your mobile gives a cloud of information from your favorite restaurant to shopping malls in that area. It is time to witness the smart and telepathic technology connecting us.
Web 3.0 is in to take you to an unbelievable world! Are you ready for an unrealistic real trip?
Anitha Lakshminarayanan